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About us
:admin :2023-12-26

We are procurement and shipping agent from China to Nigeria.


(1) Procurement Service   

We can help to buy products as per customer's requirement.We will make sure that you receive the products you want and the goods are complete.Using our procurement agent service will be easier than making the purchase by yourself,you can save time and ease the stress.    

(2)Payment/Exchange Rate Service   

We can help you to pay for your Chinese suppliers in Yuan/RMB while you pay us Naira.    

(3)Consolidation Service    

We will consolidate all the goods from different suppliers for you before shipping.    

(4)Shipping/Logistics Service   

We provide the following logistics services:   

Express - About 3-4 days delivery    

Normal air cargo - About 7-10 days delivery for Guangzhou normal goods. About 2-3 weeks delivery for Hong Kong special goods.    

Sea Shipping - About 2-3 months delivery     

(5)Warehouse Service    


Packages quantity Inspection   

Package Reinforcement   

60 Days Free Storage

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